How Big is God?

The other day I received the latest copy of Turning Points by Dr. David Jeremiah, dated January 2021. When I opened it, I stopped to read his blog, this month entitled, Blessed Beyond Measure.

When you hear the term “Memorial Day”, what thoughts fill your mind? Some think, “Summer is finally here! Let’s have a bar-b-que.” Keep in mind, there’s nothing wrong with bar-b-ques; however, if that is the first thought in your mind, you’re missing the whole point of this special day.


From biblical times to the present, dogs have proven to be man’s best friend in numerous ways. They offer companionship to the lonely, provide eyes of the blind and ears for the deaf, herd sheep, sniff out game birds and go to war.

Giant Molossian dogs from which the mastiff…

With the arrival of cell phones, telephone booths have, for the most part, gone the way of T-Rex and the carrier pigeon. In their day, however, they served a vital function.

During the 1930s, only a small percentage of homes were blessed with telephone service, and the majority of those…

Karen Midkiff

I am the author of 3 books and numerous articles. I am now excited about being part of Medium & hope many will enjoy my work.

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